Calibre web setup

Did you know that you can email e-books to your Kindle using Calibre? Long-time Calibre users may be familiar with hooking their Kindle up to their computer via a USB cable and using the app to copy files onto the device—but that may not always be convenient. If you use the Kindle app on your smartphone or tablet, rather than using a hardware reader, managing your device via Calibre may not even work at all.

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However, with Calibre, you can email any e-book file to any Kindle device or application that has an email address. Here are instructions for how to do that for all your apps and devices. Also, make sure that your personal email address is on the whitelist of emails that are allowed to send to your Kindles. This can be useful for setting up the next section, so you may want to keep it open in another window. Next, we need to add your device email addresses in Calibre. This will open a screen where you can enter the email addresses of your devices or apps.

To add an address, click the green plus button to the right, and it will open a space for you to enter a new email address and what formats it should use. You can enter as many different email addresses for as many different apps or devices as you like. In just a second or so, you should get an email back from Amazon complaining that there was no attachment to the email. That means it worked! If not, check with your local ISP to see what information you should put there.

Finally, go back to your Calibre e-book list, and select a book you want to email to your app or device. It will open a menu that includes a number of email options. Of course, you may not want or need to email e-books from Calibre to your Kindle very often. Next time it has Internet access, your Kindle will slurp it down.

How to email e-books to ‘Send to Kindle’ with Calibre

Any DRM free mobi ebook can be emailed to a Kindle as an attachment in an email. So can a word processing file in any of a bunch of formats and Amazon will automatically convert it for you.

True, but this post is about how people can use Calibre to do it, for books from their Calibre libraries. You must be logged in to post a comment. March 21, Appstafarian releases Marvin 3, a worthy successor to both Marvin and…. A sad tale of Amazon monetization: eReaderIQ and the affiliate program. Apple vs.

Calibre Web

Rejoin us at TeleRead. Will Self…. Quick look: Google Pixel C tablet.

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The Kindle Oasis: A doorway into awfulness? Freetime update deregisters Fires, loses user data. Share on Facebook. Setting Up Calibre Next, we need to add your device email addresses in Calibre. Emailing E-Books with Calibre Finally, go back to your Calibre e-book list, and select a book you want to email to your app or device.

Amazon tightens its grip on e-mail blast promotions; but why?

calibre web setup

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If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Calibre-Web is a web app providing a clean interface for browsing, reading and downloading eBooks using an existing Calibre database.

This software is a fork of library and licensed under the GPL v3 License. Default admin login: Username: admin Password: admin Issues with Ubuntu: Please note that running the above install command can fail on some versions of Ubuntu, saying "can't combine user with prefix". This is a known bug and can be remedied by using the command pip install --system --target vendor -r requirements.

Optionally, to enable on-the-fly conversion from one ebook format to another when using the send-to-kindle feature, or during editing of ebooks metadata:. Download Amazon's KindleGen tool for your platform and place the binary named kindlegen in the vendor folder.

LazyLibrarian Configuration

This image has the option to pull in an extra docker manifest layer to include the Calibre ebook-convert binary. If you do not need this functionality then this can be omitted, keeping the image as lightweight as possible.

Both the Calibre-Web and Calibre-Mod images are rebuilt automatically on new releases of Calibre-Web and Calibre respectively, and on updates to any included base image packages on a weekly basis if required. Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Sign up. Python Branch: master. Find file. Sign in Sign up. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit. OzzieIsaacs Add question for logfile to Issue Template. Latest commit 25ab3ca Apr 4, About Calibre-Web is a web app providing a clean interface for browsing, reading and downloading eBooks using an existing Calibre database.

Features Bootstrap 3 HTML5 interface full graphical setup User management with fine-grained per-user permissions Admin interface User Interface in czech, dutch, english, finnish, french, german, hungarian, italian, japanese, khmer, polish, russian, simplified chinese, spanish, swedish, ukrainian OPDS feed for eBook reader apps Filter and search by titles, authors, tags, series and language Create a custom book collection shelves Support for editing eBook metadata and deleting eBooks from Calibre library Support for converting eBooks through Calibre binaries Restrict eBook download to logged-in users Support for public user registration Send eBooks to Kindle devices with the click of a button Sync your Kobo devices through Calibre-Web with your Calibre library Support for reading eBooks directly in the browser.

Execute the command: python cps.It can view, convert and catalog e-books in most of the major e-book formats. It can also talk to many e-book reader devices. It can go out to the Internet and fetch metadata for your books. It can download newspapers and convert them into e-books for convenient reading. It is cross platform, running on Linux, Windows and macOS. What do you do now? Before calibre can do anything with your e-books, it first has to know about them. When first running calibre, the Welcome wizard starts and will set up calibre for your reader device.

Conversion is a breeze. The little icon in the bottom right corner will start spinning. Once the icon stops spinning again, disconnect your reader and read away! To get started with more advanced usage, you should read about The Graphical User Interface. For even more power and versatility, learn the Command Line Interface.

calibre web setup

You will find the list of Frequently Asked Questions useful as well. If you have more questions, or want to discuss calibre with other users or ask for help with specific things, there are forums and other help resources available.

Change language. Page source.Password Notices Tip Got Facebook? Calibre will automatically restart when my NAS restart Docker will automatically restart too. I've tried succesfully the schedule news download, email. Will further explore. Last edited by bthoven; at AM. Terrific job! Firstly, you have to install Docker from the Package Center; download and install rdp-Calibre image, create your calibre library and copy all your existing ebook there Attached Thumbnails.

Originally Posted by bthoven. Sorry, you can find and download rdp-calibre image from Docker search in Synology. Wait till the download completed and do the setup before running it. Last edited by bthoven; at PM. What nas model are you running? I attached the list of supported models for your reference. If you have a supported model, Docker should be in the package center. Thanks for this!

Did you have to create a user "nobody" as im not able to create it, says its a reserved system name ive got it running, the actual program that is, not sure how to get the server going. Last edited by Danfozzy; at AM. I can get the mount to recognize the folder i have on my Nas in the calibre app, but everytime i press add book and point to it, it says i dont have the correct permissions edit - the permissions wasnt set for config foler, sort now all up sand running and auto importing!

Last edited by Danfozzy; at PM. Hi Danfozzy, Glad you successfully set it up and running. I set it up long time ago and can't remember all the details. It would be appreciated if you could summarize your set up steps in order to help others who might be interested in doing the same. Originally Posted by Danfozzy. I've got more or less the same setup as DanFozzy, but for the world of me, can't seem to add files. Originally Posted by Torpido.Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles.

Calibre is an absolutely fantastic application for organizing your ebook collection. It can accept those 22 formats and convert them to 16 formats, with customized output for dozens of specific ebook readers including the Kindle, Nook, Sony Readers, and more.

The interface is polished, easy to use, and makes managing your ebook collection like managing a media collection through popular media management applications such as iTunes.

On top of all that Calibre is open source and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Once you unpack the portable version or install the traditional version there is no difference in operation. Thus we can easily backup the entire library, management app and all, at once.

Calibre stores all information meta data and covers in each unique book directory. When you run Calibre for the first time it will prompt you to select the language you want to use and the location of your library. Make sure to create a new folder for your new Calibre library. In the second step you tell Calibre what ebook reader you use. If you have a device that supports such a service we recommend you configure it now.

After configuring your email service, click finish. At this point Calibre should launch and you should see a screen like the one above with an empty library—save for the Calibre Quick-Start Guide. You can add books in one of several ways. Choose carefully. Add books from a single directory: Opens a dialog box. You pick the books you want to add manually from a directory of files.

Best for selecting single books or a few books in a single format. Add books from directories, including sub-directories Multiple books per directory, assumes every ebook file is a different book : If your books are in multiple directories but every book is different this is the one you want. This command assumes that every directory in the directory structure you point it at has books in it and those books are all different.

For a more detailed look at the add command, refer to the Calibre manual here. In this instance we can use the first option, Add books from a single directory:. After Calibre finishes adding your books you should see them listed in the main pane. Our five books, downloaded from Project Gutenberg, look good—the author and title are all properly placed.

There are two ways you can go about getting additional meta data and covers, you can individually edit items or you can bulk scan them.

calibre web setup

If your library look pretty clean as our does you can likely get away with bulk scanning.Enter your email below to get exclusive access to our best articles and tips before everybody else.

I saw a how-to-geek post about Calibre wherein I discovered the email capability I was previously unaware of. I tried to set it up on my Kindle Fire to no avail.

These may be things every geek knows, but how do I know what hostname and port to use? Username and password for what? I have Calibre on a win 7 machine and I'm trying to get it to email from a gmail account. In this article although not for Calibre specifically is all the information about host name and port.

Host name is imap. Port is Other items you might need are there, too. SSL is required. Authentication, if ask, is plain. Your email address is your user name and your email password, the one you use to sign on to Gmail, is the password.

Be sure to select IMAP if ask and not pop3. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Articles l l. Solved - How do I set up Calibre email? Aka Why does Calibre email hate me? This post has been reported. I did add my email to the Kindle approved email list. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the help you two.Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles.

Learn how to download books from your personal collection anywhere in the world or just from your backyard. You have an eBook reader, you have an eBook collection, and when you remember to sync your books to the collection on your computer everything is rosy.

What about when you forget or when the syncing process for your device is a bit of a hassle? Click on Preferences the gears icon at the end of the toolbar and then on Share Over the Net in the sharing section. You should see a screen that looks like the one below:. Take a moment to customize the port, username, and password as you see fit. Since we had another application using the port we switched ours to Make sure to add a password unless you want to make your book collection public.

Check out this guide to adding exceptions to the Windows firewall and the portion of this streaming music guide about port forwarding to see how to configure your computer and router to allow outside access.

The essential feature in your eBook reader or eBook application is the ability to access the web and download books. Install Stanza on your iPad and open it up. Stanza will search your local network to see if there is a computer sharing books.

Enter the name and URL of the computer on the local network hosting your books. In our case we enter Win7Desk, to remind us which machine the books are on, and the internal IP address followed by the port number:.

Repeat this process for the public face of your book server. Substitute the external IP for your internal IP address and the port you assigned during the port forwarding setup on your router.

Click on the local network connection first to make sure Calibre is working as it should. Click on your local connection, then select how you want to view the books. Click on a book for more information and then click Download to grab a copy for your eBook reader.

calibre web setup

Make sure to bookmark it immediately, typing numbers in on the Kindle is extremely tedious. The interface on the Kindle is significantly more Spartan than that on the iPad using Stanza.

You can search for books, change the sort order, scroll down through your collection, and download books by clicking on the format button next to them. PRC, and. EPUB, ahead of time. The process for other eBook readers that have web browsers is similar to that of the Kindle—a simple web-based interface where you can download device-appropriate formats.

Even if your eBook reader requires you use an application to sync or manually transfer them over a USB connection the Calibre server can still help you out. Have experience with Calibre and remote eBook access? Have another solution to the eBook access-at-a-distance problem? Share your tips and tricks with your fellow readers in the comments.

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