Restoration hardware bed pillows

Yes, absolutely. We loved everything at RH! So we scouted out every bedroom at RH until we agreed on one. Well two. Until we took some pillows and mixed a tad to combine our two taste. Yes we carried pillows through the bougey RH looking a fool but it worked! You already know the journey if you follow us on snapchat [ VerbalGoldBlog]. If you missed it, I uploaded our story on YouTube here. I almost chickened out when I saw the cart total.

Luckily there was a huge bedding discount which encouraged me to buy now. Our bed is put together and finally complete. We got new pillows, a new down comforter, new duvet, new coverlet, euro shams, king shams, lumbar pillow, and a fur accent pillow…. We decided on the below bedding and got it in the color mist, bone, fog, and graphite with a champagne metallic monogram.

I love all the textures too; Italian vintage washed sateen, velvet chevron stitch, textural seed-stitch cotton, and fur make up our bedding. This is the bedding we chose at RH and added two different shams for texture. Like a real live grown up. Plus, my bed looks and feels like a million dollars now! We toured the entire store and as shallow as it sounds, were the youngest people in there. You know? Like a personal best in life. Worth it. I literally melt when I get in it.

I feel like step 1 of being an adult is getting nice quality sheets. Everything is so put together and I love it.Brooke has been wanting a new bed for our master bedroom for a while, and she found one from Restoration Hardware that we both really liked. However, there was only one problem.

We both agreed that was way more than what we wanted to spend on a bed. So this was uncharted territory for me, but I was up for the challenge! Do keep in mind that these plans are for a king-size bed. I started this project by building the footboard. Then I added cove moulding around the inside of the 1x2s. I cut each end of the cove moulding on a 45 degree angle so they would fit together nicely in the corners.

Tip: Cut the cove molding so that they are a snug fit. This will ensure that they fit together well in the corners. I built the two side rails exactly the same as the footboard. For the headboard, I started by cutting the top and bottom 1x4s. I glued and nailed all of the 1x8s as shown in the diagram. I applied a little glue to the edge of each piece and place to tightly against the previous piece.

Then in the same style as the footboard and side rails, I added cove moulding around the inside of each panel. This added strength to where the side rails attach. I nailed and glued one to the bottom front of each leg. This gave the side rails something to sit on. Here is a closeup look at the upper right hand corner of the headboard.

This will give you an idea of what the corners should look like. This was by far the easiest part of the process. Pretty simple! After I had built all of the pieces for the bed, I filled all of the holes using wood hole filler. First, I used medium grit sandpaper and went over all of the corners to knock off any splinters and make the edges not so sharp. Then I used fine sandpaper to go over the faces of all the pieces until the wood was smooth to the touch. Deciding what stain to use was very difficult for us.

We were torn between going with a natural look or very dark. But in the end, we stuck to our original plan of a dark bed for more contrast and chose Ebony by Minwax. After the stain had dried, I carried all of the pieces up to our bedroom but I did have to get some help with the headboard because it is super heavy.

Oak is a very heavy wood! I connected each inside corner with two metal brackets, placing one near the top and one near the bottom. Once I had them lined up properly, I drilled a hole from the top down through the slat support into the top of the leg. Next, I added 4 slats running across between the rails for the box springs to sit one.Learn how to take your home from blah to bananas.

We're dishing on all the ways to bring chic and unique style to your space. Warning: Decorating with Chairish can be addictive. Never miss new arrivals that match exactly what you're looking for! Restoration Hardware. Seeking a source for antique hardware and fixtures, the idea for Restoration Hardware was born. Although indebted to classic designs, vintage Restoration Hardware furniture takes a fresh approach to tradition by integrating unexpected details like smoked glass, all-over tufting—or occasion—an industrial edge.

Marked by its gracious approach to modernist design and its many-shades-of-gray color palette, Restoration Hardware is your answer to dreamy, above-the-cloud-line living.

From sweeping chandeliers to Belgian linen-swathed sofas, Restoration Hardware furniture astonishes—and markedly guides wallflowers into less than comfortable territory…. Care to learn more about this larger-than-life brand? Read on. Determined to locate antique-looking hardware for his beloved abode, Gordon began collecting catalogs from hardware vendors around the country. InGordon rented a square foot Victorian storefront in downtown Eureka, investing a few thousand dollars into purchasing hardware samples.

InRestoration Hardware expanded again, this time introducing its own furniture line. A Restoration Hardware couch is made for taking center stage in a living room.

Deep seats and blocky forms make Restoration Hardware sectionals and sofas perfect for seating guests, lounging or napping. Look for sofas covered in polished, but laid-back fabrics like airy linens or crushed velvets for a luxe look, or try a Restoration Hardware leather sofa. Featuring a chunky track arm, the Cloud Sofa is an unpretentious take on the designer sofa.

Its ample size beckons to families looking for a place to host game nights or cuddly movie-thons. Finish off your living room with a Restoration Hardware coffee table. Grand proportions make RH coffee tables esteemed matches for the oversized sofas—and leave plenty of room for those game boards and snacks. Make your master suite a sanctuary with a Restoration Hardware bed. Divinely proportioned, Restoration Hardware beds take inspiration from around the globe—Sweden, France, India—trading in ornate flourishes for linen upholsteries and gray weathered woods.

Finish off the five-star hotel experience with Restoration Hardware bedding and an artful Restoration Hardware rug underfoot. To carry the look into the master bath, use a Restoration Hardware bathroom vanity topped with a Restoration Hardware mirror. Capped in wood, glass, metal, zinc, or gilt, Restoration Hardware mirrors take cues from bygone eras, making them perfect for imbuing personality in a space.

Want even more? For a truly awe-inspiring moment, try hanging a Restoration Hardware chandelier over a free-standing tub. Flaunting surface spaces wider than most drafting tables, Restoration Hardware desks range from executive desks to full-bodied writing desks.

Look for RH lighting rendered in a timeless finish like brass, brushed chrome, bronzed nickel, or iron, and when it comes to the shade, opt for a simple drum shade, or try something slightly more out of the ordinary—like a standing candelabra encased in an openwork orb.

Restoration Hardware dining tables are inspired for doubling as an off-hours desk. Grandly scaled and not the least bit fussy, Restoration Hardware dining tables are workhorses albeit show horses toofinished in weathered woods, rustic metallic metals, and durable stones. Restoration Hardware baby cribs mimic stately upholstered beds, with tufted side panels and washed woods; just the thing for design discerning parents.

Restoration Hardware Teen takes pieces from their original line and tweaks them to feel more youthful A brand capstone? Composed of oversized couches, chairs, and tables and fire pits!

Restoration Hardware

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restoration hardware bed pillows

Online Furniture Shopping Never spend days looking for a single couch or dining room table again. Buy Furniture with Ease Have you ever spent days trying to put together a room, or had trouble finding the perfectly sized dresser? Need Help?I love Restoration Hardware, and know that many of you out there do too.

It creates the perfect balance of warmth and style. Basically everything in their stores and online is wayyyy out of my tiny homemaker budget.

I just love the elegant and sophisticated bedroom, the neutral colors, and the glam touches. However, buying everything from Restoration Hardware would quickly deplete my bank account. No bueno! So I scoured the web for look alike versions that are a fraction of the price but have all the style and glam of the original RH pieces. Check out my look-alike finds below, click on the links to be taken to the copycat product and save some money! The bed was one of the easiest pieces to find with the biggest bang-for-your-buck savings.

The same tufted headboard, the same color, the same fabric wrap-around of the bottom portion of the bed, and very similar legs. Sleep tight and may you have dreams of all the things you can now be doing with the cash you saved! They carry a lot of designer style items and is advertised by HGTV; they are legit. At RH, you have to buy the duvet and each pillow sham separately.

After some searching, I found this great bedding at overstock. It has beautiful hemstitching detailing along the edge of the duvet and pillow shams and you can get it in several different shades. The thread count is also higher than the RH bedding if you can believe it! The best part? I bought my own bedding from overstock. How do you like this? Another virtually identical find from wayfair. Same tufting on the top, same exact build and style, right down to the wooden legs.

These benches are great for storing blankets and look great at the end of any bed as a place to put on shoes in the morning! Added bonus: the one from wayfair. Take note: the prices in the picture above is for the lamp base alone.

The nightstands were a bit trickier to find as they have such a distinct and unique style and set of features. After copious amounts of searching, this nightstand from wayfair. It features similar curvy elements for drama and flair and has the round pull rings for handles. I love the look of antique skeleton keys — they remind me of The Secret Garden and big English houses. The much more cost effective option I found was to go through etsy.

You are supporting an artist vs. Another great thing? Lots of Etsy artists are willing to customize their pieces to fit your needs. As with the nightstands, this style of dresser is hard to replicate. The closest thing I found was the matching dresser to the nightstands found on wayfair. Both feature curvy design elements and pull ring handles.

Spray paint the handles black for more of a look-a-like feel! Added bonus: more storage!

Why I bought $3,000 of bedding from Restoration Hardware

This dresser has a ton more drawers to fit all of your clothing needs. Cool old crests are a unique way to add character and voice to any space.I will definitely be doing the 28 day teatox very soon.

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restoration hardware bed pillows

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restoration hardware bed pillows

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How to Build a DIY Bed

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