Springfield 1911 mil spec adjustable sights

At least I am not alone in reaching this maturity level after considerable time and expense. I began carrying a stock some forty years ago and after flirtations with various grades of custom handguns and factory high end products, I have come full circuit and now carry either Series 70 or Mil-Spec handguns on a daily basis. Since each is utterly reliable and will cut one ragged hole in the target at 7 yards I think I am on the right track.

From vehicles to rifles to handguns, the simpler service grade options are usually best choice. Mil-Spec is the gun that wins the fight. While you may spend as much as you wish on a handgun, most of us simply do not need that degree of refinement.

The fixed sight Mil-Spec pistols with finger tight barrel bushings work correctly if they have not been tinkered with. For most of us a fifteen hundred dollar is a waste of money in the holster. Unless you are tied to a handgun with a certain amount of savoir faire, the Mil-Spec will do quite well. The has saved the lives of many good men over the last one hundred years. It is forty ounces of authority in the hand. The Springfield slide feels right when it is cycled, and the well fitted safety, slide lock and trigger action inspire confidence.

That is amazing! The same may be said of the Glock and other handguns. But if you are willing to master the no handgun will serve you better. The Springfield Mil-Spec, in my opinion, is among the best service pistols available. This handgun is all business. There is no plastic outside of the grip panels, the firearm and slide are forged, and the pistol is built for longevity and combat ability.

This insures that the pistol is fast into action and controllable in rapid fire. The Springfield Mil-Spec is an improved A1 handgun. The improvements may seem minor, but they are important.

Springfield 1911 Sights

The original A1 sights have been called embryonic and or abysmal. While precise when properly lined up, they are difficult to rapidly acquire in speed drills. The flash sight picture that is so important in high speed personal defense is severely limited with GI sights.

The Mil-Spec sights address this shortcoming well. The sights are high profile and meet the needs of most shooters. Some of the other improvements are less visible but discernable to the trained eye. The usual GI pistol was looser than modern commercial pistols. Some rattled when shook. That was OK because the barrel bushing and the barrel lugs were fitted tightly enough for acceptable accuracy.

Another shortcoming of the original was the trigger action. While the trigger action was sometimes smooth enough and did not give trouble in long term use, it was heavy. The Springfield Mil-Spec tested for this evaluation broke at a very clean 4. This trigger is manageable by a trained shooter and allows better precision shooting.

Another Springfield Mil-Spec pistol examined during this evaluation has been in use for ten years. The trigger has settled into a very crisp and reliable 4. This is an aid in rapid fire accuracy and absolute accuracy as well.Advertise Here. Attention if you have renewed your paid membership on the site but it has not taken effect within 24 hours please send the tech account a private message here to get your account corrected and for further instruction.

There is a connectivity error with Paypal and the site Thank you from the management. All of Springfield's s are A1 models. All of their guns are great pistols for the price. It really depends if you think you will be happy with a Mil spec gun or if you plan to upgrade, modify and customize it. If you want a custom gun you will save some money buying it already built by Springfield. Their "Defender" model is one of the best buys currently on the market in my opinion.

It is a basic Mil spec that is very well made. Last edited by drail; at PM. Jolly Rogers. Remove Advertisements. If your looking for the basic mil spec type pistol go with the Defender. AT You can find them for Its the same line of pistol. Better sightsbetter beavertailbetter hammer. The fool, or the fool who follows him? Captain H. Both pictures are of the same handgun model.

They changed the rollmarks last year to the way it looks in the top picture. The new ones are better IMO because they now pin the ejector. They used to be locktight'd in with glue.

springfield 1911 mil spec adjustable sights

They are also made with one piece barrels now. Jason D. Originally Posted by Deyomatic.User Name Remember Me? I'm considering the purchase of a A1 Mil-spec pistol. Any thoughts on Springfield quality? Out-of-the box accuracy? I know their reputation in rifles is pretty good. I have a Springfield Ultra Compact that has been shot extensively. Never had any malfunctions or problems. I highly recommend it. Fit and finish are good. Most of my shooting has been alongside my buddies Kimber compact and I think both are fine firearms.

I would buy another anyday. I have a Springfield A1 Limited that I shot a couple a thousand cast loads thru. Only problem I've ever had with it was the front site came loose, it's at the gunsmithy gettin' fixed right now. Real ankious to get it back, I feel naked without it. Remove Advertisements. I've had my Springfield loaded a1 in stainless for about 4 years now and without sounding like a salesman or an ad I have yet to have a FTF or problem of any type.

I have a Springfield Loaded in blue and it is fine pistol, once I got the extractor sorted. My Kimber Custom Eclipse is twice the pistol at half again the price. Springfield slides are very hard therefore tightening is not an everyday occurance. My own Mil Spec has aprrox 80, rounds through it and besides 3 extractors and new recoil spring the only " major" part that has been replaced is the sear.

Wish I could say that about some of my professionally built 's. I agree with Duane on the Springfield quality level, but if it's in the budget, I would go with the Loaded package unless you want the look of the A1 military type.

I haven't put 80, rounds through any particular pistol, but that speaks volumes for the durability of the main components. The Kimber I purchased ran like a top out of the box and still does with excellent accuracy. The more money that you can afford to purchase the pistol up front, will save you a lot of money and time, and time without your pistol, down the road to make it the way it should have been to start with.

I don't advocate the Kimber over the Springfield, it's just that that is the experience I have.Discussion in ' Gunsmithing ' started by jakelongwoodNov 8, Nov 8, 1. Was wondering if there is any way to add adjustable night sights to this gun aside from taking it to a gunsmith and having it milled it has fixed sight on front. Nov 8, 2. When I bought my SA GI, I wondered the same thing, but after searching high and low, i found the answer is No it has to be recut by a smith, there are a few here on the board that can handle that for you.

IraGNov 8, Nov 8, 3. Nov 9, 4. The nice thing about having sights installed is that you can just pick a smith you like, drop the slide in the mail, and you don't have to pay the ridiculous FedEx or UPS fees to overnight it. Just make sure to buy insurance. You could also look at trying to swing a trade for a Range Officer and just swap out the LPAs with Kensight adjustable night sights. Nov 9, 5.

Nov 10, 6. Why do you need adjustable sights? You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Draft saved Draft deleted. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? Search Forums Recent Posts. Search Media New Media.Rifles Handguns. Exceptional rifles at exceptional prices. Ideal for home protection and personal defense, the SAINT Pistol gives you the performance you expect at an affordable price.

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In both tactical and traditional forms, the SOCOM 16 will answer your call for a compact tactical rifle without sacrificing power.

springfield 1911 mil spec adjustable sights

Combining the legendary power and accuracy of the M1A with the quick handling and fast sight acquisition of a scout style rifle.

A traditional M1A, loaded with all the features you want to take your rifle to the next level. The National Match M1A is purpose-built for one thing.

springfield 1911 mil spec adjustable sights

The Super Match is the culmination of unsurpassed workmanship and all the best competition-legal features you can pack into a match rifle.

The XD set the new industry standard for comfort, ease of operation, features and performance. The XD-M is the perfect pistol for those looking for large caliber performance in a full size platform.

Featuring a superbly refined trigger, the XD-M Elite represents the pinnacle of performance in modern striker-fired pistols. XD-S Mod.

Loaded with features from top to bottom, the XD-S Mod. Inspired by the classicthe traces its shootability and comfort to its full-sized counterpart.

Designed specifically for the 9mm cartridge, the EMP features shorter dimensions making it one of the smallest s out there. The Ronin combines a legacy of service with the features modern shooters demand. The Range Officer brings the precision of a competition pistol in a simple and straightforward configuration.

The RO Elite features premium upgrades in the popular 10mm caliber for shooters interested in competition, hunting or personal defense. Inspired by the original G.

Each Loaded model brings you all the custom features you want — but without a custom shop price tag. Battle Proven. Custom Handguns. Our Custom pistolsmiths have over combined years of experience and individually hand fit every major component of your firearm. M1A Gear Up Give yourself the capacity to defend. One platform to fit any need?Advertise Here. User Name Remember Me? Attention if you have renewed your paid membership on the site but it has not taken effect within 24 hours please send the tech account a private message here to get your account corrected and for further instruction.

There is a connectivity error with Paypal and the site Thank you from the management.

springfield 1911 mil spec adjustable sights

Big Dog Dad. One of my co-workers bought a Mil-spec a year ago and now he wants to put adjustable sights on it. Can someone give me a quick rundown on what size dovetail is on the Mil-Spec and what sight is most recommended. Also, is the front dovetailed or does he need to have a dovetail cut and what would the best front sight to go with the adjustable rear?

Remove Advertisements. One is a low profile sight that uses the existing MilSpec front sight WWII model will need new front sight and the other is a higher profile model that comes with a new front sight. The front sights on the MilSpec and WWII are not dovetailed, they are staked on, a simple job for any qualified gun smith.

Here's a photo of my WWII model with the new sights installed. There ya go! Long-time reader, first-time poster This is a fantastic forum, btw.

Springfield 1911 A1 45ACP Semi Auto Milspec Pistol Review - Texas Gun Blog

I'd rather avoid sending it back to SA for a fix, and this adjustable sight should do the trick, right? I've Googled and discovered that it's Italian made, but I can't seem to find a distributor. Appreciate any help, and thanks. Check Brownells web site. They may have a couple to meet your needs.

Be advised that sights of this type are not very rugged. I don't know if that applies to the Mil-specs or not. I have a final question before I place my order with PSI They offer several rears in the "TPU" line, depending on the dovetail width. Does anyone know what the dovetail width on a milspec is not the WWII? Which of these rears might make it easier to keep my shots in the black? Thank you for your advice. Call PSI and talk to somene they are more than willing to be of service and they will take your order at the same timetalk to Jay nost likely he is very knowledgeable.

Dowd and Pooka preservation society. I know this thread is old but this sight does look like the only choice for an adjustable rear on a Springer Mil Spec. But it's not a good product?

1911 Loaded Handguns

I used a LPA on my Springfield.Advertise Here. Attention if you have renewed your paid membership on the site but it has not taken effect within 24 hours please send the tech account a private message here to get your account corrected and for further instruction.

There is a connectivity error with Paypal and the site Thank you from the management. SA Assuming you're not looking for adjustable, or tritium or anything I have the Novak sight above, mounted on a Colt CC. Its available with white dots, or even tritium inserts.

Works fine, except that it sits high on the slide and kinda "perches" up there like an afterthought. Millett, and make aftermarket sights that will fit the g. They are styled like the standard factory sights but better marked. The Springfield website lists their charges to modify the slide to accept the more standard Novak style low-profile aftermarket sights. Remove Advertisements. There are sights that fit a factory dovetail and there are sights that are installed in a milled slide to sit lower.

I installed a set of King sights on my Colt Government model [pre series 70]years ago to get a better sight picture.

Someday I'll have the slide milled and probably go with a Novak or Heinie fixed sight in a low mount milled slide. King in factory dovetail I wanted to stay kind of retro. Bradd D. The NM is a great rear sight. Posting Rules You may not post new threads. All times are GMT The time now is AM. Copyright Forum. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy. Mil-Spec rear sight replacement. User Name. Remember Me? Gun Safety. Mark Forums Read. Thread Tools. Join Date: Sep Posts: I am looking to replace the rear sights and was wondering what type of cut they are and what a good brand would be to replace them with?


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